Night Vision and Electro-Optics Devices

Night Vision has become a key opto-electronic technology in modern warfare as more and more combats take place by night. The use of night vision equipment improves situational awareness and greatly enhances operational effectiveness in surveillance and target acquisition. Good night vision is also essential for many military operations, such as driving over broken terrain or landing in confined spaces.

Within the Asia-Pacific region, Heimdall Defence has proven over time to be a regional leader by providing its customers with an extensive range of night vision and electro-optics devices. We work closely with end users and operators to recommend the best available devices from both European and US Manufacturers.

Heimdall Defence has an exhaustive product portfolio including

  • Night Vision and Thermal Monoculars
  • Night Vision and Thermal Bi-oculars
  • Night Vision and Thermal Binoculars
  • Night Vision and Thermal Weapon Sights
  • Night Vision Pilot Goggles
  • Night Vision Driver Periscope
  • Night Vision and Thermal Fusion Optical Devices
  • EO/IR Payloads for Land and Maritime Vehicles.

ISTAR (Information, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance) Systems and Solutions

Counter-terrorism strategies involve the gathering of intelligence, analysis, processing and dissemination of information by using various techniques and equipment. The central activities are traditional: covert surveillance, interception of communications, clandestine operations and the tracing of targets.

ISTAR is a practice that links several functions together to assist Military and Homeland Defence communities in employing its sensors and managing the information they gather. Heimdall Defence is a bespoke provider of surveillance and intelligence systems for Security, Military, Homeland Defence and Intelligence Agencies.

  • Night Vision Surveillance Cameras
  • Night Vision Surveillance Drones
  • Tactical Surveillance Drones
  • Covert cameras and audio surveillance equipment
  • Long Range Surveillance Cameras with C4I/C2 solutions
  • Target Acquisition Night Vision and Thermal Cameras
  • Mobile Surveillance, Command and Control Units
  • ISR Systems for Coastal Operations

Method of Entry Equipment

Heimdall Defence provides an extensive range of method of entry equipment to specialised military and homeland defence organisations. The most common way of entry into a building, ship or plane is through a door. Door breaching is a process used by military, police and emergency services to force open closed and/or locked doors. A wide range of methods are available, one or more of which may be used in any given situation. These methods may be divided up into mechanical breaching, ballistic breaching, explosive breaching, and thermal breaching.

Mechanical Breaching Kits

Heimdall Defence provides collapsible mechanical breaching and entry kits. These tools are built in America and have been tested and proven under real world Military and SWAT Urban Operations worldwide. The tools are made from top grade Titanium and Aircraft Aluminium Alloy for superior strength, durability and light weight. The compact design facilitates movement through buildings and exiting from vehicles.

Electro-Hydraulic Breaching Kits

The Electro-Hydraulic Breaching kit is a unique low-weight hydraulic rescue tool kit designed and built to meet the requirements of Military, SWAT and Rescue (SAR) communities.  The kit uses a unique electro hydraulic pump; lower in weight and dimensions, which provides all the hydraulic pressure needed for the rescue tools. The electro hydraulic pump can operate one or two tools and is packaged in only one backpack to enable portability and fast response. The electro hydraulic tool kit is extremely powerful, but at the same time quiet. Enabling the operator a speedy entry to any doorway, while maintaining the element of surprise.

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Detection and Jamming Equipment

Fortifying and securing a facility is paramount to any clandestine and/or covert operations. Heimdall Defence provides specialised equipment for technical surveillance counter-measures (TSCM) and the search of the explosive devices and components that may include mobile phones and others electronics. We provide equipment that uses an integrated spectrum analyser of the 2nd and 3rd harmonics and interchangeable antenna unit of 3 frequency bands. The equipment works in detecting hidden electronics: bugs, SIM-cards, microphones, voice recorders and almost all types of semiconductors in any operational mode in premise as well as outdoors.

In addition, we also provide portable ferromagnetic detectors that senses movement of ferrous metal objects such as weapons and electronic devices contain ferrous metals such as iron, steel or other less common metals. Unlike traditional metal detectors, this equipment is safe and does not expose people to any radiations or transmissions as it senses the distortion of the magnetic field when the object moves nearby.

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Operational Training Programs, Equipment and Facility

Heimdall Defence is a bespoke provider of Operational Training Programs for Military and Homeland Defence communities. We work with reputable leaders in integrated operational training programs to find the best solution for our customers. Specialised team of qualified instructors includes former Special Forces operators, Counter Terrorism operators and high-level skill instructors. Depending on the courses, certain training programs can be done at the customer’s location or specialised training facilities.

In addition, we work with industry leaders in the consultation, designing, building and maintenance training facilities such as ranges, simulations and CQB facilities.